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    Group Mastermind Program to Attract an Extraordinary Relationship.


    Experience a transformation by being part of a group & discover how you can find, connect and keep the right person for you. No topic is off limits, no worry too small and no feeling ever judged.

    The place to be if you want to get all the inside info, tools and tips to help you find your life partner, transform your life and reach your goal - Marry, & Marry Well!

    Success in love is like success in any other area of your life. It takes commitment, intention, investment, work, and getting out of your way.


    If you have tried and tried and not got the result you're looking for when in comes to finding your life partner, then I would like to invite you to an experience using a blend of spiritual and psychological approaches that is going to help get you there.

    It’s really scary to leave your comfort zone and recognise
    that you want to make changes in your life, but it doesn’t mean that you aren’t worth it.



    I want to make the process of finding, connecting and keeping the one, easier than it has ever been. 


    I'm going to take away you're overwhelm and frustration and replace it with confidence and an action plan. I'll be your personal Love Mentor.




    I'll help you overcome the obstacles that are holding you back from your goal.

    I know it’s scary to invest in yourself because you can’t guarantee that this will work better than all the other things you’ve ever tried, so you’ll just have to trust me on this one.

    If you are ready to push your limits, get out of your comfort zone, get to YOUR end result MARRY & MARRY WELL, then click APPLY Today.

    When you join the VIP Lounge you will join other like-minded people and given all the tools to succeed. Plus you get me by your side the entire time!


    And, I am going to make the process fun, energising and inspiring!

    Want to find out more Book a FREE discovery call.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Being a Member of the VIP Lounge you will have access to:

    • Whaatasp group
    • Group Q&A
    • I will be your Love Mentor and your accountability partner.  In a safe, confidential setting, no topic is off limits, no worry too small and no feeling ever judged.
    • Regular e-mails with answers to your biggest questions.  I'll be sharing tips, hints and tool's to support you on your journey.
    • Mastermind meet up once a month.
    • If you have big burning questions - you just ask me.
    • Update of events coming up that might be of interest for you.
    • Opportunity to buddy up so that you have someone to attend events with.

    I do hope you decide to continue being a member of the club.....in the grand scheme of things its the cost of a coffee a week. Plus you get first access and discount to my signature Thrive Life lesson workshops.

    I am looking forward to continuing to support you to reach your end goal, marry and marry well.

    Any questions feel free to call or e-mail.

    Transformation and change occur for people who are willing to invest in, and commit to their growth. This program is not for everyone. I’m only accepting people interested doing the work required to create the lives they have only dreamed of. Which is why I am making it an application process and not just taking the first people who contact me.

    Don't take my word for it....This is what my clients said about working with me.

    "I've enjoyed being in the VIP Lounge. So many of my friends haven't yet acknowledged they need support in order to meet someone and it's great to be surrounded by women who actually are focusing on their self-development and are proactive in meeting people.


    I like the fact I can ask questions and know I'll get some amazing insightful responses from the rest of the group.


    However, what I really loved about it was the Monday emails with the thought for the week, we are able to express difficult topics such as vulnerability and insecurity concisely. The fact that Wajeeha tailor's everything to what the group is discussing and will circulate a post almost immediately, definitely invaluable and I've not seen another life coach do this!"

    "Overall the program was a brilliant way to take a step back and have a think about where I was at in life and enabled me to pause a reevaluate my relationships (especially with myself!). It was the ultimate safe place for me to explore my reactions to situations and wajeeha offered tools to help me get on the path to find myself again.


    The pre-work starter pack was an excellent tool for helping to decide on goals for each category of my life. I would recommend wajeeha's services to anyone suffering a crisis in Love! "


    "I would recommend working with Wajeeha if you don't know where to start.

    I decided to work with Wajeeha because I needed a starting point. It seemed overwhelming, how and what to do in order to find the right partner for me.

    Within a matter of weeks, I was ready to hit the ground running and 6 months on I was speaking to someone and exploring marriage."

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