• Discover what you really need to do, to find connect and keep the "Right" partner for you.


    The specially designed, thought-provoking and interactive Masterclass will equip you with insights and know-how, clarity and confidence when it comes to finding, meeting and choosing the right person to marry.


    The Masterclass is open to men and women to attend.

  • There is training for all areas of life.


    BUT when it comes to marrying and marrying well, it's all left to chance and luck.

    If you haven’t found love yet, your heart has been broken, you just don’t know how or if it will ever happen for you.


    I want you to know that it doesn’t have to be this way.


    Imagine feeling inspired, motivated, free, and clear of everything that’s been getting in the way of your experiencing healthy love and marriage.


    At the Masterclass, you’ll learn a practical, comprehensive, totally new way of seeing yourself, love, and marriage.


    Finally, you’ll be able to clear the confusion, dissolve the frustration, and end your despair around finding, connecting and keeping the Right partner for you.


    This is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced in your life.


    The Masterclass is not theoretical or therapeutic; it’s a practical and fact-based day designed to navigate the relationship maze and master the skills of finding, connecting and keeping the Right partner for you and to create your uniquely happily ever after story.


    I don't just tell you, I show you how to put what you learned into action.


    There are only 6-8 people in the group to ensure you get the personal attention you need.


    You will be supported after the Masterclass at your own pace, in your own time. With support and feedback from me.

  • What a client's say about working with me:


    " I got engaged! I don't think it would have happened without your encouragement and getting me to think differently has certainly helped in ensuring I move forward.


    I will be marrying my Mrs. Right next month"



    "I would recommend working with Wajeeha if you don't know where to start.


    I decided to work with Wajeeha because I needed a starting point. It seemed overwhelming, howr pl and what to do in order to find the right partner for me.


    Within a matter of weeks, I was ready to hit the ground running and 6 months on I was speaking to someone and exploring marriage."


  • Don’t let time drift on feeling lonely or hopeless.


    Falling in love and staying in love takes more than just time and commitment.


    And it takes change from within. By attending this experiential day you'll not only gain the tools you need to find the right person for you, but you'll enjoy the personal growth you need to cultivate a long-lasting, beautiful relationship.


    You will not only learn these secret’s you will lay the foundation to find Mr or Mrs Right, identify the healthiest relationship and cultivate it.

    The Masterclass reveals:

    What you need to know not only to find a mate but about becoming healthy, confident and ready for an amazing marriage!


    It's an experiential day for you to discover what you need to know and do in order to meet, connect and marry the right person.


    • Why what they’ve been doing hasn’t been working


    • How to discover and resolve what’s really getting in the way of finding “the one”


    • Proven techniques to make searching for the "ONE" feel more authentic and relaxed, and meet matches that have true potential.
    • Discover how to connect on a deeper level with Mr or Mrs. Right and to Keep him or her. 
    • Successful ways of raising your standards to meet—and keep—the "Right" partner for you.


    • Recognise healthy and unhealthy relationships and how to navigate them.




    "I wish I had known what I know now. It would have saved me so much time and heartache."

  • The masterclass is not a lecture day with a room full of people.


    There are only 6-8 people in the group.


    You will put what you learned into action on the day.



    “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” ~ Benjamin Franklin



    3 bespoke stages of the Masterclass designed exclusively for YOU



    STAGE 1:

    1-hour personal telephone/Skype coaching session before you attend the Masterclass.
    The Masterclass day is designed based on the conversation we have.


    STAGE 2:

    Attend the group Masterclass, please be aware this is not generic training.
    The day will be planned specifically to meet participants needs that are identified during the initial telephone coaching session.


    STAGE 3:

    Follow-up personal telephone/skype Coaching session, bookable up to 3 months after you attend the Masterclass, to support you on your journey in finding, attracting and keeping your Mr or Mrs Right!

  • Book your place on the next Live Masterclass

    14th April 2018

    10am to 5pm

    London venue



  • There are only 6-8 places available and it's first come first serve.

  • What people are saying about the Masterclass

    Finding Mr or Mrs Right Masterclass has already been transformational for many who have participated, helping them to get unstuck and move ahead!

    “I am not looking for Mr Right! Not anymore. During my search for Mr Right I lost myself along the way. Attending the Masterclass with Wajeeha I found the right path back to ME which will help me recognise him amongst the crowd”.


    “Thank YOU so much. I will reiterate the feedback I gave you on the day! You are an absolute angel. After the 1 day Masterclass I left feeling so much more empowered and ready than I have ever felt before. The more people who get to come across you the better”.


    “Finding Mr Right Masterclass was an eye opening experience, it was great to meet people who were in the same position as you. Sharing ideas and gaining other peoples experience was good. The Master Class gave me a deeper understanding of my values and ethics and how to apply them when looking for Mr Rights".

    "I am really grateful that there is someone who is willing to try to support us on this rather difficult journey. I booked on the Masterclass as I am feeling very despondent with regards finding a suitable partner. Wajeeha is very encouraging and motivating. She tries her utmost to help work through the many barriers to finding that special someone....
    Thank you....".


    "I would recommend the workshop to anyone who is actively looking to move forward and instill changes in their lives. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop as Wajeeha made it specific to my needs. The session was interactive and Wajeeha made us feel comfortable and safe as soon as we started, by defining clear ground rules. I particularly enjoyed the exercises around self-esteem, beliefs and confidence. Thanks to the workshop, I now have a clear action plan bespoke to me".

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