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Could Have Been Love Story

As a relationship coach I not only help people find love I help people live their best life.

I dive deep with my clients, I get to understand what might be getting in the way of having a great relationship, so when I came across this video, I was wow, my work is done. It encompasses everything I teach.

It’s called the Could Have Been Love Story, and LOVED it.

It’s an eyeopener!

Watch it and tell me you have not done it.

We are all guilty of filtering ourselves, we all choose to stop ourselves from fully expressing ourselves, and in turn we do not receive the message we are hoping for.

The lack of expression keeps the people around us being fully expressive in return.

Life has been complicated with the invention of smartphones, like it or not we are using text messaging as a way to communicate some use it less, some use it more.

You have to watch this video If you have ever wondered what to say in a text message or how to communicate something to someone because you are concerned about the way they will take.

It sums up everything I believe and teach beautifully.

The other day I spoke at an event about having great relationships and during the Q & A session I was asked:

“Is communication the key to great relationships?”

There are several answers to the question, the first is YES, but if we stop and get to the heart of it, the key is our ability to get vulnerable and honest with ourselves first. Then, being able to communicate that, and ask for what we need.”

My work means I work with so many different people and what I find makes people unhappy is miscommunication. It happens all the time, in the workplace, at school, college, university, at home everywhere.

When our buttons are pressed and we feel hurt, we immediately close up and then we have no access to trying to understand what the other person is really telling us. (typically it isn’t what we made it out to mean).

Communication means nothing without vulnerability.

Vulnerability creates a connection that cannot exist when you are just trying to be nice, trying to keep the peace or we are scared to express ourselves because of what people might think.

We have all experienced being hurt in the past, so we block ourselves from leading from a place of vulnerable. We make a promise to ourselves that we will not get hurt again in that way and put a wall up around our heart to protect it.

When I work with my clients, we not only work on their external world we work on their inner world, I help my clients feel safe to take down those walls, to become aware of their unknown blocks and RELEASE them.

It is the most exciting, most beautiful thing I teach because not only do people admire this, but it inspires everyone around them.

Trust me it’s true, I have been privileged to see the transformation in so many of my clients.

So, when you hear in your head:

I can’t say that, what if they judge me?

What if they take it the wrong way?

What if they don’t get me?

What if they won’t like me anymore?

You let yourself FEEL all of that and know that it is worth more to express yourself more.

TOP TIP: Watch the video and do what it says at the end of it.

What stops you from telling someone how you really feel?

Let me know how you get on. I would love to hear from you.

Until next week

Your coach


Ps, If you are wondering how you could decode love join me at the next meet up on 1st November 2019.

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