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Do you see?

What the mind can see the mind can believe...

As most of you know by now I like to do things differently, so give this task ago.

Try this and.......

Count the number of “F”s in the following sentence.

Take your time, but only count once.

Finished files are the result of years of scientific study combined with the experience of years.​​

Amazing, isn't it? BUT if you count 1, 2, 3 or even 8 it does not say anything about your IQ. Well, maybe that you need glasses.

Whoever counts the right number of 'F' the first time is a genius.

For some obscure reason, we (or our brain) do not count the "f" in "of", maybe because the phonetic is similar to "ov", or because during (quick) reading the brain focus on "lexical" words, and not so much on "grammatical" words.


I am sure I have given it away by now, but if you are itching to know the answer is.........

6 "F" s.

I know right? Did you go back and check?

As always I would love to hear what you think.

Take care,


Your Muslim Counsellor and Relationship Coach

P.S This is a blog post all for fun, although with regards to scientific evidence or reference there may well be something out there if you look for it.

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