I have been on a bit of a high as the news of the singles I have been working with are getting married has had me hop skip jumping, literally!

Can you believe we’re only 4 months into 2017 and the news keeps coming?

As you know I love weddings! Today I received the link to a client’s wedding trailer, I must say I have watched it a few times, however, I have been asked to keep it to myself. (I know, I know…but confidentiality is King!)

So what's the ingredients to a happy marriage? Just may be it's......

Combine two caring hearts Melt into one Add alot of love Mix well with respect, and trust Add gentleness, laughter, faith, hope, and joy. Pour in much understanding (Don't forget patience) Sprinkle with kisses and, a dash of hugs Bake for a life time Yield: One Happy Couple

Now preparing people to meet their match is not all I do.

Being a coach I am privileged to be invited into people's lives to help them discover their life purpose to live their life out loud proudly and boldly.

Every so often I am reminded of why I do what I do, I am left speechless and I am reminded about my Why….

I wanted to share some words from a client that I received not so long ago.


"I started a coaching programme with Wajeeha not knowing what to expect if I am honest.


I was in a bad place. Thoughts and feelings were in a downwards spiral, I couldn’t sleep, eating the wrong food and constantly worried about the future.


Being too proud and too ashamed of how I felt, I found all sorts of excuses not to take care of me.


We first met at a workshop that I had created, and as soon as Wajeeha entered the room I felt a calming presence. Someone I could easily talk to. Plucked up the courage and called her to start the programme she mentioned.


In my head, the only thing that was wrong with me was the fact that I was overweight and needed to loose weight.


Wajeeha delivered far more than I expected. From the first session, she was able to clarify my mind and calm me down.


She assessed that the weight was caused more from a lack of self-esteem and belief that I wasn’t able to deliver my potential.


I felt that I could talk, cry and unload with Wajeeha without any reservation, but I could also understand why I felt like that.


Wajeeha gets to the root of the problems and gives you a calm, effective and supportive way of looking at what you can achieve.


Her hypnosis at the end of the session made me feel relaxed and able to confront the world ahead.


I always left the sessions lighter and free from my thoughts.


I finished the programme with a heart full of strength and a vision that I am able to deliver no matter what I am going through.


I am now eating healthy, taking the breaks I need to recoup throughout the days without feeling guilty and able to be kinder to myself.


Wajeeha’s programme is thorough, creative, positive and had the most incredible impact on my life.


I would recommend Wajeeha to anyone, even if I feel better, I know that I will go back for more as I can only benefit from such support and vision that Wajeeha is able to create for you.


I am feeling much better although still anxious a little but trusting the process more!"


If you’re carrying more than you can handle today, choose to let some of it go by letting someone else in. You may feel vulnerable asking for help, but wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all learned to depend on each other?

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Can you relate? Is there something I can help you with? Leave me a comment below.

Until next time....


It’s not the load that breaks you down; it’s the way you carry it.” -Lena Horne

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