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Mr Right Bucket List

Single ladies, what does your ideal guy look like? I have met so many beautiful, fun, loving, intelligent women on their search for Mr Right. Here is a snippet of their list….

  1. Believes in the future, live in the present and learn from your past.
  2. Loves family and close friends.
  3. Listen well.
  4. Can cook.
  5. Is above 5’7″.
  6. Dark, handsome
  7. Creative
  8. Loves visiting new places
  9. Caring
  10. Can talk about emotions
  11. Treat’s people with kindness.
  12. Older than me
  13. Can laugh at himself and make me laugh
  14. Beautiful eyes.
  15. Has a good job
  16. Gentle but strong.
  17. Keeps fit
  18. Works hard
  19. Is honest
  20. Successful
  21. Generous
  22. Loyal
  23. Integrity is important
  24. Good with money
  25. Open
  26. He is……

What would you add to the list and why?

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