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Right here, right now!

You May Not Be Living Your Life Where You Think You Are.

Keep Reading and See What I Mean!

As we are fast approaching 2017 let me ask you where would you like to be living your life?

In the Past?

In the Present?

Or In the Future?

Are you spending time today celebrating the goals that you have achieved?

Or are you spending today looking back at the goals you set yourself on 31st December 2015 and did not achieve today?

For me, it’s the present. Right here, right now! 

I'm celebrating the goals achieved and the one I did not achieve.

Why? Because tomorrow is another day, and I choose to take in all of today.

While most of us will reply that where we want to live, and where we believe we are living, is in the present—if you take a closer look at your thought patterns, you may be surprised to find that is not always the case.

The Memories Of Our Past

We carry with us the memories of the past, and of course, we will revisit both happy and less than desirable memories. While our past plays an essential role in who we are today, if we focus too much of our energy on our past—we stop ourselves from moving forward.

The past is one of the life’s greatest teachers, in order to truly learn the lessons the past is trying to teach us we must spend more of our time in the present

Sometimes we fall into the habit of replaying our past hurts or our best days gone by over and over again. What you may not realize when you are doing this, is that you are essentially writing the script for your future, and are missing out on the life you are living right now.

The Future Doesn’t Exist

Today, right now and in this present moment, and with every second that passes—we are creating our future. Our future is not just tomorrow or 5 years from now, but 5 minutes from now, 5 hours from now—our future is today! We create it. Moment by moment, day by day, by our own frame of mind along with the people in our life.

What this means is that you need to actively invest your time creating your future, not worrying about how it will unfold. When you wake in the morning, you make a choice about how you are going to approach your day. Start paying attention to the very first thought you wake up with, paying attention will help you to understand the future you are creating.

Are your first thoughts the feeling of dreading work, the fact that you are still tired, or that you have so much to do?


Are your first thoughts that of gratitude for waking each day, the positive anticipation of the day ahead?

Whether positive or negative, conscious or unconscious—you choose the feelings that set the tone for each day that lies ahead, and for each moment you live.

Your Present Moment Is Happening Right Now As you interact with the people around you, you create your present moment. When you smile you bring peace and joy to yourself and others. When you look at your family with warmth and care, you co-create a wonderful present.

When you are out and about, you create the experience of your journey with your thoughts, your feelings, your actions, and your view of people you pass by—and even of yourself.

The story that you are telling yourself, and the thoughts that dominate your mind—become the script of the movie that is your life.
You are the one who is completely in control of the story that is running through your mind right now. You and no one else.

“I Will Not Let Anyone Walk Through My Mind With Their Dirty Feet.” Mahatma Gandhi​

But what if the dirty feet are yours?

Have you ever taken the time to consider what the plot or moral of your current life story is?

Are you playing the leading role or a supporting character?

Is your story one of the battles, of winning, of coming out on top, standing tall or of showing up?

Is it one of being the princess locked in the tower, waiting for her prince to take her by the hand and lead her to her happy ever after?

Is it one of adventure, rising from the challenges of life, overcoming the one thing you fear the most, making friends and creating a new and wonderful life for yourself?

Is it time to write a new story? Whatever your current storyline may be, the pen is in your hand. Just as with any good movie or book, you can write in the unexpected twists and turns—positive, fulfilling and affirming.

Choose Your Thoughts Carefully. Keep What Brings You Peace, Release What Brings You Suffering. And Know That Happiness Is Just A Thought Away.” - Nishan Panwar​

When you shift your perspective, the perspective of the world shifts with you. When you shift your intentions, the world’s intentions shift too.

Each day you start with a blank page, how will you fill the page? Choose to fill it with words that tell a tale that is positive, happy, and fulfilling.

If this sounds a bit too easy, think of your thoughts as a snowball. When you are replaying a negative memory from your past, or considering the negative outcome of an upcoming life event—your mind will begin to wander and anticipate the worst case scenario to unfold. You may even find yourself feeling the physical signs of this negativity—increased blood pressure, increase heart rate, headache, stress, and tension.

But good can snowball too—and quickly manifest joy, happiness, light and control in your life. Your mind can wander to all of the positive outcomes, and you can begin to feel good right now!

If you are ready to begin living your life in the present moment, start by choosing positive thoughts—and by chasing away those negative thoughts that currently occupy your mind. It will take some time for your healthier new habits to become second nature, but the positive effects will take hold right away!

Tips for Being Mindful

Small actions add up, and it’s no different when you’re trying to cultivate mindfulness to live in the present. Here are some small things you can do throughout your day to keep your head in the present moment.


Take a quick break at work or while you’re going through your day and focus on breathing for a few minutes. Notice how the air flows in and out of your body, how your belly rises and falls.

Eat Slow

Next time you eat, slow things down and take the time to notice how your food looks, tastes, smells and feels.


Being mindful when doing a routine task, such as dishes. How do all your senses register the task? Notice how the hot water feels on your hands, the smell of the soap, the feel of the washcloth rubbing against each dish.

Focus on one thing

Try to spend the day focusing on one thing at a time and not letting the constant distractions of the digital age derail you. For example, if you’re writing a memo at work, don’t stop every few minutes to check email. Work slowly and deliberately.


Take a walk. Leave your phone or on silent in your bag, and notice your surroundings.

What will you do differently in the present moment that you did not do in the past to move into your future?

Let me know how you are getting on. I would love to hear from you.

All the best

Wajeeha. :)

ps. It's game on. There is lots we need to let go of right now. The countdown to 2017 is the perfect time to start. Breakthrough sessions are designed to get to the heart of the matter, so goals & intentions won't get forgotten in February...because this is not about surviving it's about thriving.

Let's connect, call, skype, e-mail or meet face to face, together let's make it work.

Live your life out loud proudly and boldly!


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