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Top tips to help you find balance in mind and body.

How are you doing this Monday morning?

Today I want to keep it simple.
So here are my 3 top tips to help you find balance in mind and body.


Tip 1:

To get that all essential wake up call start the day with water, I think you would agree with me it’s the pulse of water on your skin that really wakes you up!

Did you know water is a link back to the womb, when you were weightless, supported, peaceful?
Tip 2:

At the end of every day remember your success.
At the end of the week celebrate those small steps of progress.
Essentially give yourself a pat on the back!
Lets take that one step further, how nice would it be if you were to remind someone else of their small steps of progress, give them a pat on the back?
We always need a partner in crime. You remind me and I remind you. Try it let me know how you get on.

Tip 3:

Switch off! Learning how to and when to switch off is the best gift you can give yourself.

(I have so many clients that come to be because they have burnt them selves out, literally)

Set yourself some time to do one thing that relaxes you.

A good old soak in the bath, burn some aromatherapy candles or put your feet up with a good book. Studies show nothing is more effective in being able to optimize our body clock.

What book is sitting on your bed side table right now?


I am reading "Oh the places you will go" by Dr Seuss

It’s a book I recommend to my students, in fact its for anyone that is starting out on an independent journey through life. This book shows how you can take charge of your life. It equipped me with the courage to pursue my purpose and direction in life. I believe it can also inspire you to discover yourself and take action to go the direction you chose to take.​

Have a fantastic week ahead.
Until next time.
Take care

ps. Sometimes it's the smaller things in life that make us smile, a nice cup of tea made for us on a Monday morning, or a funny text from a best friend, with this in mind, I would love to hear what are the simple things that make you happy.


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