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    So you’ve found the man of your dreams. But what comes next?


    When the time comes to work out what ‘happily ever after’ really means, it’s easy to feel out of your depth.

    Don’t panic.


    My one-to-one sessions are everything you need to move forward into a lasting, happy life together.


    If you’re recently married or a bride to be, it’s normal to feel a sense of overwhelm as you face up to the reality of what comes after the fairytale ideal of meeting your true love.


    As adults, we realise that the story doesn’t end as our childhood stories would have us believe, riding off into the sunset of a perfect life.


    We realise that all relationships – even fabulous passionate newlywed ones – need work, investment, shared goals, solid communication and much more, if a real ‘happily ever after’ is to come to fruition.


    It’s a lot to figure out on your own.


    My relationship coaching sessions give you the best chance of a lasting, honest, happy relationship by giving you space and support to talk through your wedding, marriage and future.


    I can help you to:

    • Manage the stress, anxiety and sleepless nights that may come with wedding day pressures.
    • Plan your wedding and make good decisions for a happier, stress-free day.
    • Figure out the dynamics of your relationship and what will help it to grow.
    • Develop communication skills that will strengthen your relationship.
    • Plan, dream and set goals that bring you both happiness.
    • Manage expectations, commitments and priorities.
    • Better juggle work/life balance after marriage.

    In a safe, confidential setting, no topic is off limits, no worry too small and no feeling every judged.


    Come and talk through how you’re feeling and learn the skills that will help you live a happier life, and enjoy a happier marriage.


    I work with individuals as well as couples who want to explore their life together.

    “When I called Wajeeha to talk about my relationship that was falling apart, I was broken and hurting in a way that I had never experienced before.


    I actually didn’t even know if she could help me and it was too late to ask for help, I had tried everything. Wajeeha not only helped me, but she also transformed me.


    She is THE person I go to for relationship support when I need it even now. I trust her with my whole heart. If you’re feeling a heavy heart, you might want to work with her too, please give yourself the gift of hope and make it happen.


    Your life will never be the same for all the most incredible reasons.”

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