• Join me for VIP Lounge Members Mastermind session

    Friday 1


  • Single, and don’t want to be? 


    Ready and committed to transform your Life and stop being single?


    Then I have something special for you.


    Join me for an informal conversation.



    We will cover questions that I am asked by singles all the time. I will share some of the answers you have been searching for to help you to get to the end result you are looking for. Marry and marry well.


    Learn how to navigate the maze and find someone amazing!


    Date: Friday 16th Feb 2018


    Venue: Details will be e-mailed to you once you register. It will be a London venue.


    On arrival grab a drink and let's talk.


    Places fill up quickly as there are only 10 spots to promote the effectiveness of the chat.


    It's free to attend, all you need to do is pay for your drink/food on arrival.

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