• Don't be the perfect one.

    BE the Right one!

  • Navigate the Maze & more....

    Have you decided that you are going to do everything it takes to meet your Mr or Mrs Right?



    Then I have something for you.


    Bespoke Individual Mentorship to help you find your life partner, transform your life and reach your goal - Marry, & Marry Well!


    Success in love is like success in any other area of your life. It takes commitment, intention, investment, work, and getting out of your way.


    Book in for your FREE discovery session, it's your opportunity to ask me any questions you may have.

    I can talk you through the service.


    I’m going to take away you're overwhelme & frustration & replace it with confidence and an action plan.


    I’ll be your personal Love mentor. I’ll help you overcome the obstacles that are holding you back from your goals.


    When you join you will be given all the tools to succeed. Plus you get me by your side the entire time!


    I’ll be there to coach you through understanding your marriage readiness, uncover your blind spots. Clearing space for love & searching for the one in a new inspired, empowered and proactive way.


    No longer do you have to go it alone. I will be with you every step of the way.

    I am going to make the process fun, energising and inspiring!

    When you join the mentorship.


    You'll get:


    A bespoke plan.


    The right amount of personalized support from me as you need.


    E-mail and texting with me when things come up.


    Check in calls to address anything you need- the big questions, the little questions, challenges, the highs the lows and all the answers.


    Bespoke resources to get you working through your bespoke plan and creating your own personal success.

    Ready to start now?

    Individual Mentorship is not for everyone.

    I am only taking on a limited number of new people in 2017. So if you want to experience these life-changing breakthroughs, then it’s time to take advantage and book your place.

    My exclusive individual mentorship program is for those who are committed to transforming their life from single to happily married.

    Are you willing to invest time and money towards achieving this important goal?


    Here is what some of my clients said about working with me:

    "Wajeeha, save the date I am getting married."

    I'm feeling so much better about myself and it's just so nice to not walk around with clouds over me all the time! Think that's a mix of the one-2-one and being able to see the dilemma's some of the girls talk about on the other side of the fence. It's going to take continuous work and there will be bad days but now I know what it's like to just feel content :)

    "Wajeeha makes you feel at ease from the outset- her natural affability gives you the comfort needed to speak freely and honestly in a safe and trusted environment. The sessions are focused on YOU, it provides YOU with a platform to take a step back from the madness of day to day life and assess aspects of YOUR life to better understand YOUR thoughts, feelings and desires."​

    "Just wanted to let you know that on .......I finally got married. Thanks for all your support. May Allah swt reward you for all your hard work!"

    "I found Wajeeha very easy to talk to and supportive – she helped me to clarify my goals and recognise ways in which I could make small changes to get on the right track. The sessions were well-structured and productive – I would definitely recommend her coaching program to anyone who wants to make a change but doesn’t quite know where to start"

    “I found that Coaching has been an incredible experience for me. It has given me the strength and drive to channel my life in the right direction finally. Working with you has enabled me to change things in my life for the better. I am feeling good about myself again after a long time. Thank you Wajeeha.”

    " I never thought he was my type, now we are talking about the details of marriage, I could not have done it without you!"

    "Initially I was sceptical about the whole process having come from a background of where men don’t talk about the issues they are facing in life. Without a doubt, one of the best decisions I made was to have made it to that initial meeting with Wajeeha.


    To be in a place where you are totally free to speak your mind without any fears of judgement being made is invaluable to allowing the mind to really open up. The exercises are undertaken really focus on what the mind/body is saying and allows you to truly understand that mindsets are not permanent and can be changed.


    Evaluate, plan and action like in other parts of a successful life also apply true to personal development- this is something we are not taught in schools and is no wonder why adults struggle with it later in life.


    If you are facing any negative emotions whether its doubts, confusion, fears, anxiety etc and whether on a specific issue or more generally in life I would advise anyone to take the steps to understand the roots of those feelings and go through the process with an open mind on what you can do to take action and change what you are feeling."

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