• Meet your Match


    Exclusive Muslim singles matrimonial event.


    A new concept helping the modern day Muslim struggling to find a wife or husband.

    Are you serious about getting married?


    Have tried everything else and you are still single?


    Then this event might be what you have been looking for.


    I am committed to helping you to marry and marry well.


    After speaking to singles and married couples about their struggles I have put together this event.


    Based on a unique blend of psychological principals and professional consultation that’s personal and unique to you.


    • Psychological Principals
    • 1-1 consultation
    • Confidential/personalized
    • Interactive. Take part in a series of activities to help you learn about the different people at the event in a natural way.
    • Delivered by Relationship Expert
    • Exclusive & Private
    • By invitation only
    • London and Birmingham venue




    You would need to register to go through the application process and then you will be invited to attend the live event.

    My aim is to look after your personal wellbeing and shorten your journey of searching- It’s my ultimate goal!


    Helping you find, connect and keep your Mr or Mrs Right. Setting the scene for a long healthy marriage inshallah.


    • Compatibility:  Participants are selected based on one to one consultation.  It’s your opportunity to ask questions and also to tell me a little about you and what you’re looking for. I am going to make sure there will be someone in the room you click with by using my unique formula. 
    • You matter:  The event is limited to 20-40 people. 10-20 men 10-20 women. Everyone is taken care of personally. Only people who have taken the time time to go through the application process will be invited to attend the live event.
    • Balance:  To get an equal men/women ratio and to invite serious participants to take part, attendees have to have gone through the application process and be invited to attend the live event.
    • Character:  I believe that the best way to learn about someone is to get to know what they value in life.  I do that groundwork,  so at the event, you will take part in a series of activities to help you learn about the people in the room and create some deep and meaningful connections.  This is a unique format - light-hearted, fun and the awkward introductions are taken care of.  You are guaranteed to speak to every person in the room.
    • Privacy: Details about the exact location are only sent to those who successfully go through the application process.
    • Paid for service:  The initial consultation is FREE. Once you have gone through the consultation you will be invited to attend a live event at this stage you pay the fee to attend the event.


    So, if you’re serious about getting married, ready to invest in your future and the process, follow these instructions to attend the upcoming event.

    1. Complete and submit the registration form below.

    2. Respond to the e-mail instructions you receive.


    3. Book in for a personalised consultation.


    4. Make payment to attend the event.


    5. Attend a live event. Events will be taking place in London and Birmingham.




    **As with these things I can't guarantee that you will walk away with a match each time. What I can promise you is I will work with you personally to increase your chances.

  • The application process is a very important step to ensure you get the right kind of support to prepare to meet your match.

    Your success depends on your level of commitment and your integrity.


    Please complete the application thoroughly and honestly.


    Once you have submitted your completed form you will be contacted within 48 hours to discuss the next stage.

  • Upcoming events

    British Pakistan Foundation

    28th September 2017 6:30pm


    Focus on Professional Services Panel Discussion and Professional Networking event at PwC, 1 Embankment Place, London WC2N 6RH


    Book your place here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/focus-on-professional-services-tickets-36923566381

    Finding Mr or Mrs Right Masterclass

    The next masterclass will be on: 30th September 2017

    Places fill quickly and if you would like to attend let's talk.

    Drop me a e-mail with your contact telephone number and the best time to talk.



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